Thursday , March 23 2023

Saving With Automatic Payments

When you set up automatic payments for your bills, it gives the company that is receiving that payment one less thing to worry about. Sure, you could still run out of money and the automatic payment would not work, but that is usually not the case. The reason for most payments not making it to the payee is that the person who was supposed to pay the bill simply forgot to pay it on time. Yes, they may have spilled their breakfast on their bill or their dog may have ate it, or the kid down the street may have stolen it out of the mailbox, but those are not typical. If you watch people for long enough you’ll notice that people forget a ton of stuff all of the time and their bills are no different. Any of your vendors would love to see you on automatic payments and that includes your insurers. Most car insurance companies will give you a discount for setting up automatic payments, but don’t just set them up and expect a discount. You need to check with them about the discounts that they offer and then make sure that you actually get the discount that you were promised.

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